Think About Using Black Titanium Jewelry

2 November 2022
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Titanium is a popular material for jewelry. That's because it is lightweight, durable, reasonably inexpensive, and attractive. No one will know what the jewelry is made of unless the wearer tells them. One popular style of titanium jewelry is black titanium.  

Black Titanium

In its natural state, titanium is a silvery gray color. Jewelry made from that titanium can be polished to look nice and smooth and given different coatings to help protect it. Black titanium is a little different. The black coloring is from a coating sprayed on the material's outside. The coating is made out of a special titanium alloy. That alloy is applied in a thin layer and then processed so that the alloy and the titanium that will become jewelry are melded into one complete whole. This alloy is harder than the original titanium, which is pretty hard on its own, so it has even better scratch and damage resistance.

One minor drawback to using black titanium in a ring is that it can make it harder to resize the ring, so you need to keep that in mind. But there are a lot of benefits to using black titanium in jewelry. 


Some people are allergic to types of metal, especially nickel, which is found in alloys for other precious metals. For example, nickel is often mixed with gold because pure gold is very soft. Nickel and other alloys are added to the gold, making it harder. But it also makes the gold allergenic. That isn't a problem with titanium since hardness and durability are natural features. Black titanium isn't any different than regular titanium in the hypoallergenic aspect. 


Titanium doesn't corrode or rust. That means the piece of jewelry will look the same in 20 years as it did when the jewelry was first put on. There is one slight exception to that fact. Titanium is reactive. That means it is a conductive material, and if the jewelry is subjected to an electrical current, it can acquire a patina. Of course, it can be treated that way before the metal is turned into jewelry for an attractive finish. 

If you are looking for a new ring, either for fashion or for your wedding ring, you might consider getting something made out of black titanium. It can be very attractive, and the black and gray colors of the ring can be turned into a very contemporary style. 

Contact a local jewelry store to learn more about black titanium contemporary rings.