Maximize Your Value Through Meticulous Care - Extending The Life Of Your Jewelry

13 May 2017
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Purchasing expensive jewelry is an excellent way to enjoy your success and portray the look you desire for social occasions. It's also an investment; the value held in gold and precious jewels can add a lot to your personal worth, and in trying times, it can also be a tool that you use for short term financial stability. In order to maximize the value in both situations, it's important that your jewelry remains properly cared for. Read More 

Practical Tips For Hiding The Engagement Ring Until The Big Day

4 May 2017
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Getting up the nerve to ask the special someone in your life for their hand in marriage is enough in and of itself. However, the hard work doesn't stop there. You also have to figure out a way to conceal the proposal, which can be especially difficult when you have a ring to keep hidden. Learn what you can do to keep the ring hidden until the big day. Keep It In An Obvious Place Read More 

Something Old, Something New: How To Reference Your Heirloom’s Style In A New Wedding Band

6 May 2016
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If you have inherited a piece of heirloom jewelry, such as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or anniversary ring, your family may expect you to use that piece of jewelry as your wedding ring (or to give it to your partner as an engagement or wedding ring). However, you may want to integrate your own style into a ring that you wear every day and signifies an important part of your life. Read More 

Three Things To Do When Customizing A Ring

14 March 2016
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There are so many options to choose from when customizing an engagement ring. The options can make a timeless engagement ring, but they can also make it very hard to actually customize the ring because of the vast amount of options. This article is going to outline three things to remember when customizing an engagement ring. Or rather it will give three ideas to ensure that the engagement ring that you customize will be that timeless heirloom of her dreams. Read More 

We Have A Match: Four Gold Colors To Add To Your Wardrobe

4 March 2016
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If you're in search of interesting and unusual jewellry to add to your wardrobe, take another look at gold. While yellow, white, and rose gold are common inhabitants of most jewellry stores, now you can also find additional colors suitable for matching with different outfits or even just your mood. Here are four extra gold colors to look out for the next time you visit a jeweller's shop. Blue Gold Read More