Buy A Cigar Band Ring In One Of These Designs

10 August 2022
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One type of ring that you'll often find for sale at jewelry stores is a cigar band ring. This piece of jewelry gets its name from its shape, as it's thick like the paper band that wraps around a cigar. A cigar band ring can be a stylish addition to your jewelry box that you enjoy wearing on certain occasions — particularly if you're the type of person who likes large pieces of jewelry. If you like the idea of buying a cigar band ring, make sure that you visit a jewelry store that carries several of these rings. You'll see them in many designs, including the following. 


A lot of people favor cigar band rings that have a plain design. These rings tend to be smooth throughout their entire surface. This understated look can be appealing if you enjoy wearing jewelry but don't necessarily want to wear pieces that draw people's attention. Plain cigar band rings are available in several different metals, so you can find something that matches the other jewelry that you wear. For example, if you have a gold wedding band, you might favor a plain cigar band ring in gold for your other hand.

Inset Stones

If you like the thick shape of a cigar band ring but you want your piece of jewelry to stand out a little more, you might wish to shop for a ring that has a selection of inset stones. Many different cigar band rings fit this description, with one or more types of stones inset into the surface of the ring around the perimeter. You might find a ring with stones along the middle of the ring or another ring with stones along the edges of the ring. Whatever the case, this is a design that will catch the light and sparkle.


Most cigar band rings have a solid construction that wraps all the way around your finger, but there are exceptions to this design. You'll occasionally find this type of ring that features a gap. For example, instead of being shaped like the letter "O," the ring has a shape that is closer to the letter "C." This design can create a different look on your finger, and you may also find that the gap makes the ring easier to get on and off.

Learn about cigar band rings by visiting a jewelry store in your area.