The Upsides And Downsides Of Buying A Vintage Engagement Ring

21 July 2021
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When you set about buying an engagement ring, your initial assumption is probably that you'll buy a new ring. But as you start to shop, you'll realize there's another choice: vintage diamond engagement rings. Rings from decades ago are still around. They're being sold secondhand (or even third-hand), and many people love them just as much as they would love a new ring. Consider these upsides and downsides as you decide whether buying a vintage engagement ring is a smart move for you.

Upsides of Vintage Engagement Rings

A Lower Price

Buying a secondhand vintage diamond ring will cost you significantly less than buying a brand new ring. You could put the money you save towards your honeymoon or towards a down payment on a home. Or you could spend your entire budget, but get a much more magnificent ring than you would be able to afford if you bought new.

Eco-Conscious and Socially Conscious Benefits

Mining for diamond rings is not exactly the most eco-friendly practice, and there are some social concerns associated with how diamond miners are employed and paid, too. When you buy a used vintage diamond ring, you are not supporting the mining of new diamonds. So, you can feel confident in your ecological and social choices.


Today, many diamond rings are mass-produced, so there are others like them. But years ago, diamond rings were all made by hand, and each one was unique. There's something beautiful about knowing nobody else has a diamond engagement ring like yours.

Downsides of Vintage Engagement Rings

Less-Brilliant Diamonds

Diamonds that were cut years ago were not always cut in the ways that best featured their brilliance. The cutting technology simply was not as great back then. Vintage diamond rings are still sparkling and beautiful, but they won't always be the most sparkling diamond in the room. 

Signs of Wear

Many vintage diamond rings are fixed up and repaired before they are resold, but there may still be some signs of wear on the band. Mostly, the inside of the band may be worn smooth. There may be some minor scratches or dull spots on the band or setting. Some think this adds character, but others don't like it.

If you don't mind a little wear and a less brilliant diamond, then a vintage diamond engagement ring is a lovely choice. You can get a beautiful, guilt-free ring for less.