4 Jewelry Trends For Winter 2019

5 November 2019
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A lot of types of jewelry may be timeless; however, the jewelry world is still impacted by and influenced by a wide variety of different trends. If you want to be stylish this winter, you need to be aware of not only the latest clothing trends but the latest jewelry trends as well.  

Jewelry Trend #1: Gold Is Back 

The truth is, gold jewelry is a constant. However, this winter, gold jewelry is particularly in-style. If you want your outfit to look on-point, pair it with some gold jewelry, and put your silver jewelry away until it is on-trend again. 

When it comes to gold jewelry, oversized hope earrings are looking particularly popular on the catwalks. Additionally, layers of gold bracelets and necklaces are making a comeback as well.  

Jewelry Trend #2: Statement Dangling Earring 

Get out all of your dangling earrings, because it is time to embrace the dangle! This time around though, you only want to wear one of your dangling earrings. Wearing one dangling earring is being seen as a statement piece this year. The longer, the bigger, the bling-er, the better! Just be sure to only wear one dangling earring at a time.  

Jewelry Trend #3: Wear Lots of Earrings 

Dangling earrings are not the only types of earrings trending this year. A nice mix of earrings, where you wear a range of earrings, is also popular right now. This is a trend for individuals who have multiple holes in their ears. If you have multiple holes in your ears, start with a small ring or cup up top, and work down to larger earrings. This mixing up of size and color is designed to add a playful feel to your overall outfit. Your earrings don't even have to match on both of your ears. If you want more earrings to experiment with, visit a jeweler like Staples Jewelry.

Jewelry Trend #4: Sparkling Pearls 

Pearls are always a classic look. This season, the classic look of pearls is being mixed with the classic look of shiny stones. You can purchase necklaces and bracelets that incorporate pearls and shiny stones or crystals together in one piece. Or you can layer a pearl necklace with a gemstone necklace. This look can be achieved through custom jewelry, or by layering various gemstone and pearl necklaces and bracelets together. 

If you want your jewelry to look on-trend this year, embrace gold, pair your pearls with your jewels, and have some fun with your earrings. Embrace the current jewelry trends, and pair them with some winter fashion trends, for a really stylish look.