Bridal Set Ideas

29 January 2019
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Whether you're planning to propose to your girlfriend or you're a female searching for ideal wedding rings, you can't go wrong with a bridal set. Going with a bridal set rather than just the engagement ring is convenient and ensures that the two bands with perfectly match.

When you choose the perfect bridal set, which is comprised of both the engagement and wedding bands, you can make sure that they feature the same type of metal, such as white, rose, or yellow gold, as well as a cohesive style. You'll also know that the two rings fit together comfortably against each on the hand before saying "I do," as the rings are contoured to rest snugly against each other.

While you'll want the bands to be a perfect match, the stones and ring designs don't have to be. Even when purchasing a bridal set, you can still choose different stones and cuts, depending on your preference. You'll be able to completely customize the look of the set if you don't desire the typical diamond engagement and wedding bands.

Here are some bridal set ideas to get you started.

1. Traditional Diamonds

If you desire a classic diamond engagement and wedding band style, choose a bridal set made of white, rose, or yellow gold. Traditional engagement bands feature a single center diamond, while wedding bands have a row of inset or pave-set diamonds. 

For the engagement band, traditional stone cuts include round, emerald, cushion, oval, marquise, pear, radiant, and princess. You can also choose a more vintage-looking asscher or a sweetly romantic heart cut.

2. Mixed Metals

For those brides who can't choose what type of metal you'd like your ring set to be, pick two. As one idea, choose a yellow gold engagement ring and a white gold wedding band, or vice versa. Sticking with the same stones, such as diamonds, for both, will help create a cohesive look.

3. Gemstones 

Another creative bridal set idea is picking gemstones instead of, or in addition to, diamonds. You can either go with your favorite type of gem, such as a sapphire, to signify your love, or go with your birthstone as a personal touch.

For example, if you have an October birthday, design an engagement ring featuring an opal, or for a July birth date, go with a ruby. For the wedding band, you can alternate the gemstones with diamonds, or just go with a row of diamonds.