Are You Shopping For A Ring For Your Husband?

24 July 2018
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Are you shopping for a ring for your husband? Have you already started your Christmas shopping? Perhaps your husband's birthday is approaching, or maybe you will soon be celebrating your wedding anniversary. For that matter, you might even be shopping for a wedding ring. Whatever the reason that you are shopping for a man's ring, from selecting the best ring for your sweetheart to giving it to him in a unique way, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Selecting The Ring - Are you wanting something extremely traditional? If you are shopping for a wedding ring for your soon-to-be-husband, think of choosing a simple gold ring. However, think of making it unique by choosing something like a chain design either around the center of the ring or along the edges of the ring. If you are shopping for a man's ring for any occasion and you want it to be a unique ring, think of choosing a Polaris inspired titanium ring. Think of choosing a design that represents nature.

For example, choose one that has a black background with gold waves and a simple silhouette of a person surfing in the wave. The background could include a sparkling circle that represents the moon. Or, if you want something less dramatic, but you still want something unique, consider buying a Titanium ring that has a contrasting color on both edges. The great thing about titanium rings is that, besides being beautiful, they are very durable. 

Presenting The Ring - Think of a memorable way you can present the ring to your husband. Of course, if it is to be used as a wedding ring, you will more than likely give it to your husband at the altar. For other presentations, though, think of giving a message along with the ring. For example, choose a romantic spot to give your husband his ring, and make it a point to say, I Will Forever Love You. Then make sure he realizes that the inside of his new titanium ring has the initials, IWFLY, a constant reminder that he will always be your own true love.

If you and your husband enjoy nature, think about giving him a titanium that has trees or animals as the focal point of the design. An engraved message that says something like You Are The World To Me would more than likely thrill your husband.  Titanium rings are tough, but they can still be laser engraved. 

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