Make Your Christmas Gifts By Hand

4 October 2017
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Are you thinking that this Christmas is the one where all your gifts will be made by you? Perhaps you are making your own gifts by hand because you are wanting to save money. Or, it may be the you just take pride in giving presents that you created yourself. For whatever reason you are making your Christmas gifts by hand, from making greeting cards to creating wire wrapped gemstone jewelry, here are some ideas that might help you to create unique gifts that your friends and family will enjoy:

Start With A List - 

  • Divide your list into categories.
  • You'll probably want a Girl list and a Boy list.
  • Make a category just for kids.
  • Include in your list gifts that need to be shipped.

As you create the list of those who will be receiving gifts from you this Christmas, think about writing an approximate dollar amount of how much you want to spend on the gifts. For example, if you are giving token gifts to people in your book club, you may want to make things like hand-painted cards which won't cost that much to make. However, if you are wanting to give something very special, say wire wrapped gemstone jewelry, to your mother, estimate how much that will cost. 

Pick A Theme - 

  • For example, decide to give jewelry to all of those on your Christmas list.
  • It would be simple for you to make leather bracelets for the men.
  • Make knots braided leather stands and add handsome wooden beads for accents.
  • Create exquisite wire wrapped gemstone jewelry.

If you are already familiar with making your own jewelry, you're probably feeling very confident in what you will be designing. If you feel like you would like to learn a new skill, think about signing up for a class where you will learn to make wire wrapped gemstone jewelry. The instructor will help you pick out the perfect stones for those who will be receiving your handcrafted jewelry. For example, if you are creating a very special gift for somebody on your list, think about making a tiny nest out of delicate sterling silver wire and include a pearl in the design. The nest can represent home and the warmth and love that is felt in a home.

Handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for mailing, too. It will be lightweight and will travel well. Contact a company like Sand N Stones for more information.