Maximize Your Value Through Meticulous Care - Extending The Life Of Your Jewelry

13 May 2017
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Purchasing expensive jewelry is an excellent way to enjoy your success and portray the look you desire for social occasions. It's also an investment; the value held in gold and precious jewels can add a lot to your personal worth, and in trying times, it can also be a tool that you use for short term financial stability.

In order to maximize the value in both situations, it's important that your jewelry remains properly cared for. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips that will allow your jewelry to remain in great shape for the duration of your ownership, allowing you to have pride in its appearance and stability in its price.

Care Around Chemicals

You may not realize it, but you come in contact with many chemicals in your daily life which could have an adverse effect on your jewelry. Whether it's something as innocuous as household cleaning spray or potentially caustic as chlorinated water in a pool, the risk of creating a dingy or diminished surface on your jewelry is high.

Taking special care to keep your jewelry away from these chemical treatments is an important step. Make sure you remove fine jewelry before swimming. Never wear it while completing household chores. If it's practical, you should make every attempt to only bring out your best pieces on the cleanest and most special of occasions.

Oversight Of Clasps

Losing a valuable piece of jewelry can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially since you'll frequently struggle to backtrack to the point where it first went missing. Thankfully, preventative measures can allow you to minimize that risk and maximize your security.

For pieces like necklaces or bracelets which have clasps and hinges, make sure that you constantly check that closures are tight and flush, as designed. You should also verify that the prongs which hold precious stones aren't bent or damaged, as losing a stone can be a particularly difficult accident to be aware of until it's too late.

Storage Security

Shielding yourself from theft is obviously an important part of maximizing your jewelry value. If it's practical, consider installing a small safe in a discreet area that will prevent your jewelry from being removed without your awareness. If you'd rather use jewelry boxes, try to store them in places that may be hard to guess and which you can check regularly. It might also be smart to invest in a safe deposit box and entrust your jewelry security to a local bank.

If you're visiting a local jewelry store for high value pieces, use these tips to ensure their proper care.