Think About Using Black Titanium Jewelry

2 November 2022
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Titanium is a popular material for jewelry. That's because it is lightweight, durable, reasonably inexpensive, and attractive. No one will know what the jewelry is made of unless the wearer tells them. One popular style of titanium jewelry is black titanium.   Black Titanium In its natural state, titanium is a silvery gray color. Jewelry made from that titanium can be polished to look nice and smooth and given different coatings to help protect it. Read More 

Buy A Cigar Band Ring In One Of These Designs

10 August 2022
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One type of ring that you'll often find for sale at jewelry stores is a cigar band ring. This piece of jewelry gets its name from its shape, as it's thick like the paper band that wraps around a cigar. A cigar band ring can be a stylish addition to your jewelry box that you enjoy wearing on certain occasions — particularly if you're the type of person who likes large pieces of jewelry. Read More 

3 Beaded Bracelet Styles to Consider

6 June 2022
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If you've decided to shop for a versatile bracelet that you can wear with a variety of outfits several times a week, you'll have lots of options when you browse a jewelry store's website. One type of product that may appeal to you is a beaded bracelet. These bracelets can vary significantly in design, with some looking extremely formal and others looking a lot more casual. Jewelry stores typically carry a wide selection of beaded bracelets that will cater to people with different tastes in jewelry. Read More 

5 Modern Ways To Style Diamond Bridal Jewelry

25 February 2022
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Diamond jewelry has been a popular choice for brides for many decades. But today's bride wants to switch up wedding day styles and create a look that's unique and memorable. How can you do this with your wedding jewelry? Here are five ideas for any bride to try.  1. Mix and Match. Avoid choosing a wedding day jewelry set that's too uniform. The traditional look of identical, symmetrical sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings can feel more like something prior generations wore to their weddings. Read More