3 Beaded Bracelet Styles to Consider

6 June 2022
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If you've decided to shop for a versatile bracelet that you can wear with a variety of outfits several times a week, you'll have lots of options when you browse a jewelry store's website. One type of product that may appeal to you is a beaded bracelet. These bracelets can vary significantly in design, with some looking extremely formal and others looking a lot more casual. Jewelry stores typically carry a wide selection of beaded bracelets that will cater to people with different tastes in jewelry. Here are three styles that you'll often find and that you may be interested in buying.

Metal Beads

You can expect that the jewelry store website you visit will have all sorts of bracelets that have metal beads. The appearance of these beads and the metal itself can vary from product to product. You'll see some bracelets with copper beads, others with brass beads, and others with stainless steel beads. Some metal beads have a lot of shine, which can work well if you're looking for a bracelet that will sparkle in bright environments. Others have a muted, matte finish, which can be ideal if you're looking for something subtler.


A bracelet with glass beads is another design that may appeal to you. For a subdued look, consider a bracelet that has clear glass beads. This simple design can be appealing because it can work with any color of outfit that you wear. If you favor a bracelet that offers a splash of color, consider something that has colored glass beads. You'll find colored beads in many different hues, so you can choose a design in a color that you enjoy wearing. There are also lots of glass beads in subtle colors, including black, white, and various shades of gray.


A bracelet that features wooden beads offers somewhat of a more natural, softer look than various other materials. If you occasionally enjoy wearing jewelry and accessories that are made of wood, this type of bracelet can be a good option for you. The wooden beads are often sanded heavily, ensuring that they have a smooth finish that will be gentle against your skin. These bracelets can use many different types of wood, and some will feature unfinished wood while others will be stained in different shades. Some wooden bead bracelets exclusively feature wooden beads, while others feature wooden beads alongside beads in other materials. Visit a jewelry store website to browse its beaded bracelets.