Choosing The Right Bohemian Pendant For Your Body

11 September 2019
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If you have never worn a bohemian layering pendant before, you'll want to make sure that this type of jewelry will look great on you. There are some types of pendants that are better suited for taller or shorter individuals. There are also some pendants that are better suited for different face types and genders.

Great Pendants for Tall and Short Individuals

A bohemian layering pendant is a great accessory if you are somewhat tall. Pendants tend to look better on taller people than they do on shorter people, especially if you're taller than five feet and five inches. However, there are some pendants that look great on shorter people as well. For example, a pendant that sits above the collar bone. As for the size of the pendant itself, it doesn't really matter how large it looks.

Pendants for Round and Oval Face Types

If you have a rounder face, you should consider wearing a longer pendant. Also, the pendant should have a heavier charm. The charm will pull the pendant down and it will match your rounder face much better. If you have an oval face, on the other hand, any type of pendant can look great.

Pendants for Short and Long Necks

When you have a shorter neck, you'll be better off with a longer chain. Also, if you have a neck with a lot of wrinkles, you should wear a longer chain. When you have a longer necklace, it doesn't matter what type of chain you wear.

Wearing a Pendant with a Full Figure

If you have a fuller figure, you'll want to wear a pendant that is smaller. The larger the pendant, the more that it will draw attention to your chest. A very small, spherical piece will look much better on you than a larger and more distinct object.

Wearing a Pendant as a Man

For women, larger and more clunky pendants can look great. For men, it's always better to wear a piece that is less noticeable. Your goal is not to overwhelm, but to complement everything else that you are wearing. However, most bohemian pendants are somewhat large and will not fit as a fashion accessory for men. In general, if you're going to wear a pendant, you're best off only wearing a pendant and not piling on other jewelry, which tends to detract from it. A single pendant looks beautiful on its own.