Practical Tips For Hiding The Engagement Ring Until The Big Day

4 May 2017
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Getting up the nerve to ask the special someone in your life for their hand in marriage is enough in and of itself. However, the hard work doesn't stop there. You also have to figure out a way to conceal the proposal, which can be especially difficult when you have a ring to keep hidden. Learn what you can do to keep the ring hidden until the big day.

Keep It In An Obvious Place

It might sound ridiculous, but if you don't want the ring to be found, hide it in a somewhat obvious place. If your significant other sees you snooping around in a closet that you never go into or toying with a new lock box, they're more likely to be suspicious.

However, if you put the ring in the back of your sock drawer or even in your toolbox, this won't seem unusual and will likely be dismissed as nothing. This tip is especially helpful if your significant other has a suspicion that you might be popping the question sometime soon.

Enlist Friends And Family

Another great idea is to enlist the help of friends and family. When all else fails, if you have a close person who you know can keep a secret, simply take the ring over to their home and ask them to safeguard it until the big day.

If you are going to purchase the ring well in advance or you have a significant other who is especially inquisitive, this is a great way not to get caught. As previously mentioned, just make sure it's someone you can trust to keep quiet and most importantly, take special care of the ring.

Invest In A Safe Deposit Box

If your partner doubles as an investigator or you can't trust your friends or family to keep the secret, the best idea might be to invest in a safe deposit box. Generally, you can find these boxes at your local bank or credit union for a nominal fee if you are a current account holder.

Not only do you not have to worry about people finding out about the ring, but you can also rest assured that the ring is safe and insured should anything happen. Engagement rings and jewelry of all kinds are stored in safe deposit boxes all the time.

A major part of what makes an engagement so special is the element of surprise. Make certain you are taking steps to keep the ring hidden and the special surprise a secret to create a moment you and your special someone will remember forever.