Something Old, Something New: How To Reference Your Heirloom's Style In A New Wedding Band

6 May 2016
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If you have inherited a piece of heirloom jewelry, such as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or anniversary ring, your family may expect you to use that piece of jewelry as your wedding ring (or to give it to your partner as an engagement or wedding ring). However, you may want to integrate your own style into a ring that you wear every day and signifies an important part of your life. Casting a custom piece of jewelry that references the original ring but has your own style can be a great way to compromise. Here are some ways that you can create a new ring that gives a nod towards your heirloom piece. 

Cast It In a New Color 

Many traditional wedding and engagement rings are made from yellow gold. However, newer rings utilize several different materials including white gold and titanium. You can keep the same basic shape of the heirloom ring but cast it in a new color to fit your style and make it your own. With new technology such as 3D-printing, a ring mold can be made without damaging the original. 

Change Out the Gems 

Perhaps your grandmother's ring featured a diamond and you prefer sapphires. Opting for a different gemstone that is the same size and cut as the original gemstone in the ring will allow you to express yourself without veering from the original look. The benefit to this approach is that you do not necessarily have to cast a new ring. If you want, you can simply switch the gem out and wear your heirloom piece on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can keep the old ring intact and cast a replica with your gemstone of choice. 

Alter the Geometry

Even if you do not like the ring's overall style, you can still keep it in mind when creating your own ring. For example, if the ring features a boxy, square cut to it, you can create a ring with the same basic shape but round the edges to create a softer, flowing appearance. If you think the ring is too bulky, you can create cutouts in the thicker sections to make it look daintier. 

While being given an heirloom can be an honor, the expectation to use it as your wedding or engagement ring can prevent your self expression. By creating a custom ring that references the original, you will pay respect to the original owner of the ring while still maintaining your own identity. 

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