Three Things To Do When Customizing A Ring

14 March 2016
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There are so many options to choose from when customizing an engagement ring. The options can make a timeless engagement ring, but they can also make it very hard to actually customize the ring because of the vast amount of options. This article is going to outline three things to remember when customizing an engagement ring. Or rather it will give three ideas to ensure that the engagement ring that you customize will be that timeless heirloom of her dreams. 

Do Your Homework

You are not going to become a jewelry expert in just a few weeks, but be sure to research diamonds. There are said to be the four c's of diamonds which stand for; cut, carat, color, and clarity. Each "c" needs to be researched in full and understood. When you understand the four c's you will know what type of engagement ring will fit your budget. Once you have a budget figured out, talk to your significant other and find what type of engagement ring she adores.

Be Creative

There is almost no limit as to what a good jeweler is able to create. The only limit on what the jeweler is able to create is oftentimes creativity. If you have been dreaming of a particular type of ring, then talk with the jeweler and start to make a plan. Everything from the type of metal, diamond, and engraving can be completely custom. Ask your bride-to-be what type of rings she likes. Take note on the cut of diamond she prefers, and what style of band. Use these two things as a foundation, and become creative because the jeweler is going to be able to create anything that you envision. 

Create A Model

Once the design has been sketched out, it is time to create a model. Most jewelers will have a way to create a prototype or model of the ring, and this can be extremely helpful. There are times when a design just is not everything that you wanted. Have the jeweler create a prototype either on a computer program, or through a cast. One popular way to create a model of the ring is by using a wax mold. The jeweler is able to create the ring out of wax, and ensure that you are pleased with the design. If there is something that you want changed about the ring, this is the time to make that change. To find a way to make a custom engagement ring in your area, contact a jeweler near you.